Building Project Update April 2016

The Property Committee unveiled the latest version of the new building plan at a meeting on April 7, 2016. This design is the culmination of five years of work by the committee members and an intensive design & programming phase by HSR Architects and DBS Group. In the image above, the new construction has a dark grey roof, while the existing building has a white roof.

Pastor Park Hunter opened the meeting with prayer and talked about the missional need to upgrade and expand our church facility to serve existing members, attract new people, and serve our community.

Click here for a document offering more detail on the mission need.

Dan Blumer, architect with HSR, explained that over 80 people were interviewed in preparing this plan, representing every group that uses the church. Long-term needs included a covered drop-off, better restrooms, a bigger lobby (narthex), more classroom and meeting space, and larger, easier-to-access fellowship hall. The proposal incorporates a new fellowship hall on the main level, a new lobby with larger restrooms, and a covered drop-off. The existing narthex would be incorporated into the sanctuary for added seating. The current downstairs fellowship hall would be subdivided to add extra classrooms. Fire sprinklers would be installed in all the new and old building. Unfinished basement space under the fellowship hall provides 6,000+ square feet for future expansion. The new parking lot adds about 10 more parking spaces, and provides off-street drop-off for the Head Start program.

Matt Gobel, manager with DBS Group, then walked through the preliminary cost estimates for the project. As proposed, the construction, renovation, and upgrades are estimated at $3,481,293. This includes fixtures and fittings (chairs, multimedia, etc.) and a $150,000 contingency fund to cover unexpected costs. Matt also presented a list of optional additions based on requests from the congregation.

Jerry Arndt, a member of the feasibility study team tasked with potential fundraising, reminded the group gathered at the meeting that these are preliminary numbers. The building as designed incorporates all our dreams. The next task is to value-engineer the building proposal to bring down costs, evaluate our ability to raise funds and pay for the project, and make changes accordingly. Jerry concluded by asking everyone to remain engaged in the discussion, rather than be scared off by the preliminary numbers.The original building proposal, he reminded everyone, was $1,000,000 and only gave us a thousand new square feet. That was the low end; the new model is the high end. The final project will fall somewhere in between.

Pastor Park concluded the meeting by explaining the timeline and decision-making process. The church leaders will continue to gather financial information and revise the plan. At a proposed church conference in May, the entire congregation will have a chance to vote on moving forward with fundraising. In the fall, a second church conference would be held for everyone to vote on beginning construction.

For more information, contact Pastor Park Hunter, Denny Borchert (property planning), Matt Gobel, Dan Blumer, or Jerry Arndt.