2017 Church Leadership

With the new year, our new leaders (elected at charge conference back on October 23) take charge. There are many familiar faces, some new folks… and a few openings! Look for the red TBA. You can still get involved by contacting Pastor Park if you’d like to serve.

The most  current version of the leadership list is always available on our website’s Resources page.

CHURCH COUNCIL (4th Tuesday, 7:00pm)… Wes Panzer (chair); Cathy Geister (vice chair); Nancy Dorn (secretary); Delores Kenyon (treasurer); Mark Bertrang (lay leader); Jan Mattson, Jessica Gobel (lay members to AC), Jeff Moorhouse (trustee chair); Matt Gobel (finance chair); Conrad Awtrey  (SPRC chair); Jan Mattson (outreach chair); Cory Groves (worship chair); Nancy Quinlisk (Stephen Ministry rep); TBA (women’s rep); Wes Hurlburt (men’s rep); Sean Molstad (young adult rep); TBA (youth rep, SOAR chooses); Dave Trapp, Susan Herzog-Blumer, TBA (at large); M. Park Hunter (pastor); Paul Bratsch (Dir. Christian    Discipleship); Jessica Gobel (Dir. Childrens Ministry)

TRUSTEES (3rd Tuesday, 6:30pm)…  Jeff Moorhouse (chair); Doug Huggett (vice chair); Sue Page (secretary); Russ Stevens (treasurer); TBA; Craig Richason;    Gerald Arndt; Elli Molstad; Mary Baldwin; M. Park Hunter (pastor)

FINANCE (3rd Tuesday, 7:00pm)…  Matt Gobel (chair); Nancy Dorn (financial secretary); Delores Kenyon (treasurer); Duane Lom (assistant treasurer); Lance Barnes (stewardship); Wes Panzer (council chair); Conrad Awtrey  (SPRC chair); Jeff Moorhouse (trustees chair); Mark Bertrang (ay leader); Jan Mattson lay (member to AC); Diana Carey; Dave Edel; TBA; M. Park Hunter (pastor)

STAFF-PARISH RELATIONS (1st Tuesday, 6:30pm, closed meeting)… Conrad Awtrey (chair); Dave Trapp (vice chair); Ryan Geister; Kathy Edel; Marv Ramsay; Becky Barnes (Stephen Ministry rep); Sean Molstad (young adult rep); TBA (youth rep, SOAR chooses); Mark Bertrang (lay leader); Jan Mattson (lay member to AC); M. Park Hunter (pastor)

OUTREACH & MISSIONS (4th Tuesday, 6:00pm)…  Jan Mattson (chair); Bob Mattson; Kathy Beane; Harvey Witzenberg; Rosie White Kube; TBA; Paul Bratsch (Dir. Christian Discipleship); M. Park Hunter (pastor)

WORSHIP (3rd Tuesday, 5:00pm)…  Cory Groves (chair, music director; Peg Benz (secretary, puppets); Sandy Koster (accompanist, tech); Lynn Groves (Stephen Ministry, communion); Kathy Brose (early ushers); JoAnn Storlie (late ushers); Diane Panzer (acolytes); Pat Clements (altar guild); Katherine Sherrill (praise leader); Jessica Gobel (Director of  Children’s Ministry); M. Park Hunter (pastor)

For altar guild, memorials, welcome, SCRIP, the capital campaign, and other teams and committees, see the list by the office door or on the church website.