The confirmation students have studied all year, learning to think carefully about their faith and to participate in the life of the church. On  Easter Sunday, the students led a 6:30am Sunrise Service of Light.

May 14 is Confirmation Sunday, when our students may choose to confirm for themselves the Christian faith in which they were baptized. Part of the confirmation experience is also learning what it means to make the decision to join the church. Becoming a member of the church is a separate decision from being confirmed.

Our confirmation students include:  Paulie Brown, Amber Evans, Will Geister, Amy Gobel, Grace Hoskin, Carissa Morrison.

A special thank you to our mentors who come every Wednesday evening to study with the students! Mentors this year: Cathy Geister, Susan Herzog-Blumer, Sharon Langve, Russ Stevens, Earl Sanders, Brenda White.