Dig Into Small Groups for Spring 2017

In the cold month of January, we’re ready for a little warm fellowship! This is sign-up month for our spring small groups that run February through April.

Check the Discipleship > Adult Groups page for other Sunday School and ongoing small group opportunities.


Anxious for Nothing: Studies show that Americans are the most anxious people in the world. Anxiety comes with life, but it doesn’t have to dominate our lives.  In this book and video series by well-known author Max Lucado, we’ll reflect on the antidote to anxiety in found in Philippians 4:4-8.

Meets Wednesdays, 7:00p-8:00p, in the Heritage Room at OUMC. Contact Becky (608-386-9723) or Jessica (608-783-3380).

Dare to Dream: Learn to develop a life mission statement that will help you fully commit to a God-directed life. Based on the book by well-known author and pastor, Mike Slaughter.

Meeting times will be based on group convenience. Meets at OUMC. Contact Pastor Park (608-783-3380 x22).


How To Pray: Join us at noon to gain some tools for developing a consistent prayer life that will change you for the better.  Meets in the Heritage Room at OUMC, Sunday, January 28.

New Member Dinner: Interested in joining OUMC? Attend this dinner and info meeting with Pastor Park to find out more. Contact the office for information. Meets Monday, February 26.

Introduction to the Enneagram: Join us at noon for a brief intro to this ancient personality profile that many Christians are finding incredibly helpful. Meets in the Heritage Room @ OUMC, Sunday, March 11.

OUMC Open Mic & Potluck: Come share your talents (or just watch) and enjoy a potluck dinner! You can sing, share stories, play an instrument, tell jokes, etc. Bring a side dish or dessert to share. No cost. Invite your friends! Sunday, April 8.