2018 Leadership Retreat


At the 2018 Church Leadership Retreat, OUMC leaders reviewed 10 Prescriptions for a Healthy Church (Farr, Kotan) with Rev. Don Greer, Wisconsin Conference Coordinator of Circuit Ministries. This book identifies ten areas where churches can do significant work to improve their health and effectiveness. We discussed the areas where we feel OUMC is strong, those where we are weak, and then voted on priorities. We identified the following four areas for focus at OUMC in the next four years…

  2018 Mission, Vision & Goals (review and revise our mission, vision, and goals for current relevancy, clarity, and focus)

  2019 Community Connection (understanding our mission field – the area and people we are trying to reach and serve)

  2020 Hospitality & Connection Process (refine welcoming processes and establish systems to connect guests with the congregation)

  2021 Faith & Leadership Development (discipleship systems for members and leaders to grow in faith and leadership)

2018 Mission, Vision, and Goals

At the retreat, our leaders voted to adopt The United Methodist Church’s mission statement:

“Our mission is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.”

The vision statement answers the “how” question. How will Onalaska UMC, in our context and with our particular strengths, accomplish the mission statement? The vision should be obvious, strategic, and measurable.  The Church Council adopted the following process for developing our vision…

February… Ask the pastor, staff, and committees to reflect on the mission and what they think should be the vision of the church.

Lent… Preach on mission and vision during Lent to give congregation members a strong understanding of these concepts.

February 18… God Moment. Invite the congregation to pray and reflect on our vision for 30 days throughout Lent.

February 18… Survey congregation: What are the strengths of our church?

February 24… Facilitate small group windshield tours/prayer drives for people to see our community and think about our mission field. (Do-it-yourself guides will be available.)

February 25… Survey congregation: What are the needs of our community?

March 11… Prepare some draft vision statements for review and share with the congregation.

March 17… Host a morning vision retreat. Church leaders should attend; all church members are welcome to attend as well. The new vision statement will be drafted at this retreat.

March 18… Share the new vision statement during worship service.

We identified three goals for 2018…

  1. Develop a new vision statement by Easter
  2. Communicate the mission and vision statements all year.
  3. Use the mission and vision statements in evaluating all decisions.