2017 Webbie Awards for YouTube Ministry

It’s award season! In the spirit of the Oscars, we’re going to present our own awards – the “Webbies” – for OUMC’s 2017 YouTube videos. In a minute, the Webbies for top five videos for the year.

But first, the numbers…

Our videos for 2017 received a total of 2046 views! (as of 2018/1/25)

That’s an average of 25 views per video.

The median number of views is 16, which is probably a pretty good estimate of the regular online worshipers.

Now for the awards…

Drumroll please!

The Webbie for technical support goes to Bob Schneider who has faithfully recorded most of these for us!

The Webbie for fifth most popular video, at 78 views, goes to “Classic Worship 2017.03.12 (The Story 22, Christmas)” – The big draw here is Barbara Martin-Stanley sharing a God Moment. Also starring Pastor Park preaching, Cory and Sandy sharing music, Katie Fleis as liturgist, Jessica Gobel on children’s sermon. (https://youtu.be/H7z9-n69x6g)

The Webbie for fourth most popular video, at 81 views, goes to “Classic Worship 2017.08.20 (A Response to Racism)” – People really were interested to hear our response to the Charlottseville incidents. Pastor Park, Charles Martin-Stanley, Katherine Sherrill, and Jean Pagliaro shared reflections, and Paul Bratsch led a time of prayer. Also starring Katie Fleis as liturgist (again!), and puppet Robot 3-16.  (https://youtu.be/h0TmpK0ie7Y)

The Webbie for third most popular video, at 86 views, goes to “2017 OUMC Christmas Cantata: Adore Him” – Directed by Cory Groves and accompanied by Sandy Koster and the orchestra, the cantata is always one of the biggest draws on our YouTube channel.  (https://youtu.be/EbV1Q2EK1Ao)

The Webbie for second most popular video, at 150 views, goes to “Testimony: Barbara, Stephen Ministry” – This is an excerpt from 2017.03.12 featuring just Barbara Martin-Stanley sharing her God Moment about how her faith and her church helped her through cancer treatments. She honors Rhonda Akeson, her Stephen Minister.  (https://youtu.be/I79GpBg7Xw4)

Envelope please…

The Webbie for most popular video of 2017, at 269 views, goes to “Five Finger Prayer: Puppets” – Peggy Benz and the finger puppets teach the kids how to do a prayer using all five fingers. Thumbkin, Ms. Pointer, Mr. Tallman, Mrs. Ringfinger, and Pinkie talk about people we should pray for.  (https://youtu.be/R3jMZkkOi4Q)

Thank you!

Many, many people every week help to make our worship services uplifting, God-honoring experiences. Through the magic of technology, we are able to reach out and bless people anywhere in the world. Thank you to our congregation and volunteers, who make this amazing outreach possible.