Church for Sunday, May 3, 2020

For Sunday, May 3, Pastor Park Hunter preaches “The Feast Prepared,” based on Psalm 23. Guess who’s coming to dinner? As we walk through this dark and uncertain valley, a reminder that Jesus prepares a feast for us… and also for those we struggle to make peace with. All are welcome at the table. At the heart of communion is community and unity in Christ.

This is an open communion Sunday. You are encouraged to have bread and juice or wine available at home to join in communion during the service. In the Methodist tradition, all are welcome.

The puppets share some wisdom about Psalm 23. Hymns at the 8:30a Classic service are accompanied on organ and piano by Sandy Koster. Zoe deBoer leads the music team at the 11:00a Praise service.

Local food pantries are in desperate need. Make a designated gift to support “Food Pantries,” or come through the covered drop-off from noon to 1pm Sunday to donate actual food items.

Onalaska UMC worship services for this Sunday are available only by live stream on our YouTube channel. Please don’t come to church. Instead, stay at home and “praise in place!”

Here’s how to participate…

  • Download the worship slides so you can follow along… 8:30 Classic or 11:00 Praise (PDF)
  • Live stream worship at 8:30 and 11:00 from our YouTube channel.
  • During worship, text prayer requests to Pastor Park at 608-799-4484.
  • Give electronically, or contact the office to request mail-in giving envelopes.

If YouTube doesn’t work for you, contact our office (608-783-3380 or and we will mail you a copy of the worship slides and Pastor Park’s sermon the week following.