Church for Sunday, July 5, 2020 (Independence Day)

For Sunday, July 5, Pastor Park Hunter preaches “Interdependence Day” based on Galatians 5:13-16 (The Message). Freedom in Christ means freedom from sin, but serving in love. The American experiment balances the boundaries of personal freedom with our responsiblity to care for others, which is a very Christian way of thinking. “All things are permisible, but not everything is good” – 1 Cor 10:23.

This is the Sunday after Independence Day. For our God Moment, Dr. Mark Beahm, chair of OUMC’s COVID-19 Team, talks about face masks from a Christian perspective and offers a blessing for our masks. Have your mask handy to pray over. You can also download the blessing (PDF).

Today is an open communion service. All are welcome to participate. Have something to eat and drink to represent the presence of Christ for you during the service. Bread and grape juice or wine are typically used.

Hymns at the 8:30a Classic service are accompanied on organ and piano by Sandy Koster, Natalie Halderson, and our mini choir. Cory Groves and Pam Klinger lead the music team at the 10:30a Praise service.

Onalaska UMC worship services for this Sunday are available only by live stream on our YouTube channel. Please don’t come to church. Instead, stay at home and “praise in place!”

Here’s how to participate…

  • Download the worship slides so you can follow along… 8:30 Classic or 10:30 Praise (PDF)
  • Live stream worship at 8:30 and 10:30 from our YouTube channel.
  • During worship, text prayer requests to 608-799-4484.
  • Give electronically, or contact the office to request mail-in giving envelopes.

If YouTube doesn’t work for you, contact our office (608-783-3380 or and we will mail you a copy of the worship slides and the sermon notes the week following.