Baptisms, Weddings & Funerals


Baptism is celebrated as part of our worship together. The Sacrament of baptism is shared with infants, children, youth, and adults that have not been baptized. It is a sign of God’s love for an individual, and the beginning of a lifelong journey with the community into closer relationship with Jesus Christ. Persons desiring baptism or parents wanting to bring their children for baptism should schedule a time to meet with the pastor. In most cases, we require that at least one parent be a member or regular participant in worship at Onalaska UMC.


Weddings are a chance to celebrate the love of two persons for each other, as a reflection of Christ’s love for us. The wedding vows build upon our baptismal covenant. The pastor is delighted to perform Christian wedding ceremonies for members and non-members, either at Onalaska UMC or off-site. In most cases, three pre-marital sessions are required for counseling and planning purposes. There are fees for the use of the church facility. Onalaska UMC has a wedding coordinator, Peggy Benz, to help with details and arrangements.


Funerals are a chance both to remember and celebrate the deceased’s life, and to anticipate the promise of resurrection in Jesus Christ. The pastor will perform Christian funeral services for members and non-members, either at Onalaska UMC or off-site. For services held at church, we can help host a reception or meal following the event. Contact the church office for more information.