Lent & Easter 2021

The NCAA Tournament and Lent overlap this year. If you’re looking for a Cinderella story, Jesus is the ultimate underdog. He’s up against every team the world can throw at him. So are we.

Join us as we follow Jesus through the bracket this Lenten season and to the Big Dance at Easter. Will… he… go… all… the… way!?

All services live-streamed at… http:/youtube.onalaskaumc.org/

Lent Services

  • February 17, Ash Wednesday – drive-thru 7-8:00a & 5-6:30p + YouTube
  • February 21, “JESUS v. TEMPTATION” (Mark 1:9-15) – 8:30a Classic, 11:00a Praise
  • February 28, “JESUS v. EXPECTATION” (Mark 8:31-38) – 8:30a Classic, 11:00a Praise
  • March 7, “JESUS v. CHURCH” (John 2:13-22) – 8:30a Classic, 11:00a Praise
  • March 14, “JESUS v. CONDEMNATION” (youth-led service; John 3:14-21) – 8:30a Classic, 11:00a Praise
  • March 21, “JESUS v. SUFFERING” (Hebrews 5:5-10) – 8:30a Classic, 11:00a Praise

Holy Week Services

  • Palm Sunday, March 28, “THE BIG DANCE” (Mark 11:1-11) – 8:30a Classic, 11:00a Praise
  • Maundy Thursday, April 1, “THE COACH’S SPEECH” (John 13:1,31b-35) – 6:30p Communion
  • Good Friday, April 2, “JESUS v. SIN & DEATH” (John 18:1-19:4) – 8:00p Tenebrae
  • Easter Sunday, April 4, “THE SHINING MOMENT” (Mark 16:1-7) – 6:30a Sunrise (confirmand-led), 8:30a Classic, 11:00a Praise

Because of changing COVID conditions, plans for specific services may be updated. Subscribe to our eNews or check this page for the latest information.